Meet the masters

Meet the masters - parrilla

Brian Keenan

Brian Keenan

Meating Street Barbecue

Beef Chuck Ribs!

1/4 Cup kosher salt
1/4 cup coarse ground pepper
1 Tsp cayenne pepper
1 Rack Beef Short Ribs (5-7 lbs)
Carbon Del Sur Charcoal
Wood Chunks of your choice.

Rub the rack of beef ribs generously with the salt and pepper and let come to room temperature.

Meanwhile, light a charcoal grill or smoker with Carbon Del Sur Charcoal and maintain a temperature of 275 degrees, adding more charcoal and wood chunks as needed.

Smoke the beef ribs for 5-7 hours, adding fuel to maintain 275 degrees.

The ribs are done when an instant read thermometer reads 200 degrees between the bones.

Rest the ribs for 30 minutes before serving. Feeds 4

Luchi and Ray

Luchi and Ray

The Perfect Steak

THE STORY The steak is truly the American celebratory entrée. Fads come and go but a large slab of beef cooked over a very very hot natural fire is as American as it gets when it comes to food. Preferences abound when choosing the cut but if cooked correctly any and every cut can be “The Perfect Steak”.



¼ c Cornstarch
¼ c Coarse Sea/Kosher Salt
2-6 Steaks ¾”-1½” thick


For best results read the Steak Primer before starting. An hour and a half before you are ready to cook, lay the steaks out on an aluminum pan. Mix the cornstarch and salt together in a small bowl. Pat the mixture on both sides of the steak. Repeat after 45 minutes. Fire up the Quad and get the grill very hot. Scrape off any excess cornstarch mixture with a butter knife and place steak on the grill. Flip steaks frequently. Cooking the steak to the proper doneness should be done with the aid of good instant read thermometer. Many a good piece of meat has been ruined by trying to use touch to determine doneness. When done place, on serving platter and let rest before serving/cutting.

The naked steak is awesome but at times we like to jazz things up a bit. Try Blue cheese crumbles, Jorge’s Salsa, sautéed mushrooms or garlic butter. As a side nothing beats the baked potato but often we serve steak with just a nice tomato and onion salad or an iceberg wedge.

Full chimney of coal. Hot fire. Quad with the grill in place. Do not use the dome.

Kevin Ward

Brisket and Pimento
Cheese Wontons

THE MIX Four 41 South Pimento Cheese

1 lb of grated sharp cheddar
1 cup of mayo 1/2 teaspoon of tobasco
1/2 teaspoon of you favorite BBQ Rub.
10 oz. of fire roasted peppersdiced
2 Jalapenos Seeded and Finely diced

Mix all ingredients together! Chill and serve!! 1 pound of Left over Brisket Chopped 1 Package of Wonton Wrappers 1 cup of Water 1 gallon of Peanut oil 1 Battle of Lane's Sorta White Sauce

We will mix the Pimento Cheese and Brisket together. Place the Wonton Wrappers on a clean surface and brush the edges with the water. Place a table spoon of the pimento cheese mixture in the center. Grab and bring the corners of the wrappers together and make sure you press the edges to seal them up

We were set up and Frying on our Mini Max. We were using The Ceramic Grill Store PS Woo for the Mini Max and the Large Wok. a Cast Iron Dutch Oven Works Well for eh too1

So We want to set up for direct grilling and heat the oil to 350 degrees .

I always use a infrared thermometer or thermapen to check my oil temp. Thermoworks are good choice for your thermometer needs.

Place the wontons in the hot oil and fry for 2- 5 minutes till golden brown. Remove and let cool for a couple minutes. Drizzle with the Sorta Whit Sauce and Enjoy!


I have started using Tillman's Red BBQ sauce on my briskets at competitions and the results have been awesome. Every award I have won in the beef brisket category was won using Tillman's Red BBQ sauce.

After slow cooking brisket 12-15 hours, I slice the brisket flat in a pencil eraser size thickness. I lightly paint the brisket flat slices just enough to ass that sweet and tangy zing and keep the brisket from drying out.

Chris Salsberry

Lime grilled
chicken wings

24 jumbo wings or drum eyes
1/2 cup of honey
1/2 cup of sriracha
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 cloves of minced garlic
1 lime - juice and zest from lime

Combine ingredients and marinate chicken for 30 minutes to and hour. Grill wings. Optional baste is to reserve some marinade prior to adding chicken. About 1/4 cup.

Smoke via indirect heat at 275 degrees for 45 minutes or internal temperature is 175 degrees.