Our Team

Osvaldo Guzman

Osvaldo had over ten years of experience in sales and marketing jobs in the CPG industry, from beverages to cheese, before starting his own business. He gained knowledge on brand positioning, sales, distribution and marketing. While he was in school pursuing his MBA, he started importing charcoal from Colombia by pallets and testing it with local restaurants that couldn’t get enough of it. He finally took a leap of faith in 2012 and decided to found Del Sur Imports, and the Carbon del Sur brand became a reality.

After testing different suppliers and levels of quality, Osvaldo decided to manufacture the product and built a manufacturing plant in Colombia. Carbon del Sur is now produced 80% by local farmers and 20% at the manufacturing plant using kilns. Osvaldo’s mission has always been building a business with a strong social impact, and since 2015, a strategy was implemented to support a child development program through the local school.

Osvaldo is the force behind the company, but is supported by his wife and a talented team in Colombia. Osvaldo arrived to the United States from Colombia in 2002, with a heart full of dreams, and the burning desire to accomplish them. A year after, he met his wife, Heidy, they later got married and have been raising their three children, Juan Pablo, Diana, and Sofia.

Heidy Guzman, MA

VP Corporate Development, Del Sur Imports, LLC

Heidy Guzman is the VP of Corporate Development of Del Sur Imports, LLC, a manufacturer of natural hardwood charcoal. Ms. Guzman was the Executive Director of the Georgia Hispanic Health Coalition for three years, where her focus was to lead the Coalition through a period of major expansion, and implemented a “growth with impact” strategy. She completed her education in the field of Clinical Psychology and holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from Argosy University.

She is an expert in the field of cultural competency and immigrant psychology. Her work on this subject has been published in international psychology journals and she has presented the topic of “Migration Grief” at several international academic venues. Mrs. Guzman has worked with the Latino community in Atlanta for the past ten years, most recently serving as the Director of Latino Outreach and Diversity for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

She has a proven history and reputation of capacity-building and trailblazing strategies for the growth and advancement of the Hispanic community.