About Us

Del Sur Imports is a startup company with a lifetime history. Charcoal has been the family business ever since our family purchased land for hunting trips. We soon found that local farmers used charcoal for their domestic use, but also as the only source of income. After immigrating to the US, our land remained untouched for a few years, but it only took a single trip and to get our hands dirty to see how clean this opportunity was. Del Sur Imports and Del Sur Charcoal was developed in 2007, selling to local restaurants in GA, now our product can be found on the shelves of hundreds of stores throughout the nation.

Del Sur Imports mainly produces Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal in the North Caribbean Coast of Colombia, near the cities of Barranquilla and Cartagena, by local agriculture experts that manually process the charcoal as it has been done for centuries. Our goal is to deliver the best charcoal to your backyard or restaurant, so you can delight your family or customers at anytime.

Del Sur Imports has the highest standards in the industry for a regulated production of charcoal, with replanting, sustainable use of the forest and community development for the families involved in the process.

Del Sur Imports holds strong principles of a better and greener earth, while continuing to empower the people and community that start our production chain. We want to drive every aspect of our business with the goal of achieving sustainable, quality growth, while providing incomparable service to our customers; we know that we can’t respond to what we don’t hear.

We make the best charcoal

The Visionary

Osvaldo Guzman, the President and Founder of Del Sur Imports. He has fifteen years of experience in sales, management, business development and marketing strategy. Mr. Guzman has worked in several positions such as Interex Group, Wisconsin Cheese Group, and V&V Supremo Foods, and as well as consultant for others companies. He is a graduate of Argosy University with an MBA in International Business. His career in sales began as a sales associate at Sears, which was his first employment when he arrived to the United States. It was through the several management and leadership roles, along with his strong entrepreneurial spirit that he became interested to start up his own business.